Hard to cancel nutrisystem

Hard to cancel nutrisystem

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I just placed my first using my credit card but I also have Humana Insurance which will pay 20%of my cost.I received an email that my next order was to be processed this week to be shipped on March 23.

Open from 8 AM to 11 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 8 PM Saturday and Sunday.I will not allow any more money to be taken out of my account.I am wanting to do Nutrisystem but will only need it for a month.As you may already know, being overweight could really be a.People could read this hard hitting, truthful Nutrisystem review and learn.

It would be ever so nice not to hear any more about the little black dress. Thank you.NutriSystem Diet Review:. you can cancel NutriSystem at any.Crisis management pro Jonathan Bernstein takes a low blow from Nutrisystem.

Checked the packages with other products on the shelf and found items that matched sodium calories etc. that were cheaper and close to what they were selling. would not recommend any of the food to my pets.There is a long list of Nutrisystem customer service phone numbers on the contact page.Nutrisystem offers a 14-day free trial whereby the customer can cancel and receive a refund.Thank you for concelling my account, confiration Number: 164756153.

When customers review the website, they will notice information pertaining to the program.

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I have no other complaints except that this is too expensive for my pocket.

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I only started this plan 2 weeks ago so it is not time for another order.

Once the RMA number is issued, customers can send returns to.Since I have to take bloodthinner medication I had a blood lake on my floor within seconds.I tried to delay my shipment again and was told I could not do it.

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Send same menu items as my 1st shipment, except, no chocolate pudding.Please DISCONTINUE my orders as of January 30, 2016. Thank You.The whole experience of trying to reach a live person in your customer service dept. was a nightmare and practically impossible.I have reached my goal and do not need for at least one month.Nutrisystem only has about 300mg (on the higher side) than the recommend daily intake, so its not as bad as people are saying plus it teaches portion control and.Procedures for Processing the Office of State Treasurer Stop Payment and Hard Cancel Form The Office of State Treasurer (OST) and the Office of Management and...I want you to know I received the package from you, and I will be sending it back on Monday.

When I opened the box I found the shipment had been handled rough and one container of food was broken open.

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I should have been notified so I could have made my own selections.

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I realize Marie works very hard and has lots of children and has.I realize the weather has challenged everyone and if this is the reason for the delay I can understand that.

I lost 18 pounds in the first week and am continuing to lose.I have tried the 1-877-338-8446 number 3 times and have been on hold for hours.Just an email that your company has sent another order plus one prior to this which I have not ordered at.I am still going to reach a Director or Senior Vice President in Corporate to share my experience with because they need to know what is happening.When returning meals to Nutrisystem, do not send them back to the address below.And I know you received these over two weeks ago I talked a lady who told me so.

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I will call Monday but wanted to let you know about my problem today.If I can return any of this for a refund without paying an exorbitant shipping fee, please let me know.Nutrisystem employs a team of trained counselors who can explain the meal plan options for.It is my understanding that you want your customer to be happy with their results or a refund will be issued for returned food.

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Some of the customer service lines have different hours of operation.

I would like to cancel membership and not to receive future shipments. Thanks. Please send cancleation number.What customers may not find is information regarding the automatic payment system.So at that point I cancelled my next order and my business with Nutrisystem.The company provides dieters with low calorie meal plans to be incorporated with fresh fruits and vegetables for a well-rounded diet.I paid for a full month and unless I am not understanding something I should be receiving a credit.I have written to you now 5 times,I have called you about the same amount.I believe this ad should be pulled from the advertising for Nutrisystem as it offends not only me but many people I have talked to.

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